First-class data center,high-speed 、stable multi-line provincial backbone network access,7x24 hours online quality service

Custom-made solution of data center

“Service-oriented green data center of next generation” is comprehensive solution of end-to-end data center developed by NetBank, which comprehensively combines its own advantages of resources, meets the requirements of customers and bases on business angle of view.

NetBank provides construction scheme of machine room of whole series of data center from design to delivery, which is based on advanced modular design concept and adopts all-around green energy-saving technology.

Scheme is divided into the following aspects:

  • Scheme is divided into the following aspects:

  • Construction in medium stage: construction of machine room, integration of IT framework, business development and construction service of comprehensive operation management platform.

  • Operation in later stage: professional repair and maintenance service, long-term strategic business innovation and cooperation

Characteristics of custom-made machine room:

Modular construction like space , electric power, refrigeration, IT shall ensure the balance of supply and demand of resources of date center to meet demand of dynamic business, decrease initial investment, avoid waste of resource and shorten construction period.

Cooperate deeply with well-known manufacturer in the factory; provide excellent executing scheme, comprehensive green energy-saving technology and products; sufficiently improve the efficiency of refrigeration of machine room and energy consumption utilization efficiency and decrease energy consumption; efficiently support implementation of super layer scheme such as high density, cloud computing and comprehensive application.

Including equipment cabinet system, server, storage, network and safety, whole-series mature and custom-made IT and related products can largely decrease cost of purchase and integration construction.

Comprehensively observe mainstream nation or industry standards like Energy Saving Code of Date Center CoC、IEC 61903 IT, Energy Efficiency Standard of Communication Equipment, TIA-942 Construction Standard of Machine Room, ISO/IEC IS11801 Comprehensive Cabling Standard, NFPA-75 Fire Extinguishing System Standard and GB6650-86 Raised Floor; make your machine room system more and more flexible, open and easy to be maintained and extended.

In addition, E-bank custom-made solution for machine room can make full use of all-dimensional energy-saving technology of chip level, single-plate level, equipment cabinet level and machine room level by advanced thermal management technology of machine room and IT products application with low energy consumption. It will solve high-energy consumption problems faced by data center, decrease TCO efficiently and establish green data center.


Solution for double-live data center

In this working mode of double-live data center, all business systems of users operate in two data centers at the same time and provide service for users simultaneously. When application system of one data center has problem, application system of the other data center will be adopted to provide service.

The biggest feature of the double-live data center is:

  1. Make full use of resources to avoid waste caused by perennial idle state of a data center. Through integration of resources, service capacity of the double-live data center is double.

  2. If a data center is broken in the double-live data center, the other one still runs and users will not be aware of that.

Disaster Recovery Solution for Two Places and Three Centers

With increasing dependence of business activities of enterprises on network, more and more enterprises are looking for a strong data center frame. This high available structure can decrease and even eliminate influence on availability of business of normal and abnormal machine halt. This means whether there is interruption, application system of key task can create production value uninterruptedly and improve continuous base line of business of the company.

Main purpose for users to establish several data centers to bear business system is to realize high availability of application. Therefore, according to relationship of data center, Netbank usually divides data centers into the following three types:

  • Master data center—data center for disaster recovery

  • Double-operation data center

  • Double-live data center and master data center—data center for disaster recovery

  • In this working mode, all business systems of users operate in master data center. However, data center for disaster recovery provide cold or hot spare for business system. When application of master data center breaks down, single application or the whole data center can be switched to data center for disaster recovery.

    In this working mode of double-operation data center, one part of application operates in the first data center; the other part of application operates in the second data center. At the same time, the two data centers will realize mutual preparation of application. When an application breaks down, corresponding spare data center application will take over for service.

    In this working mode of double-live data center, all business systems of users operate in two data centers at the same time and provide service for users simultaneously. When application system of one data center has problem, application system of the other data center will be adopted to provide service.

Operation and Maintenance Solutions of NETBANK IDC

Data center is the current IT construction emphasis for operator and all industries. Operators, large enterprises, financial instruments, government, energy, electricity, transportation, education, manufacturing industry, websites and electronic business company and other organizations are carrying out or have completed the construction of data center. Through the construction of data center, the integration and centralized management of IT information system are realized and internal operation and management efficiency and external service level are improved and at the same time, TCO of IT construction is reduced.

Netbank is committed to long-term IDC operation and maintenance services, and relying on the advantaged network resource advantages of major operator backbone network, the IDC Data Center of the company provides uniform brand of information service that focuses on dedicated hosting, web hosting and virtual host business and provides carrier-class network information platform for all large, medium and small enterprises and users of ICP. IDC Data Center of the company becomes the leading web hosting network service center in East China region relying on its carrier-class standard machine room with top-ranking facilities, high-speed and stable bandwidth-hungry, strong and rapid technical support, safe and stable safeguard measures and considerate and comprehensive quality service. At the same time, relying on years of experience in system construction and network security of IDC Data Center, the company provides excellent IT outsourcing service and system security service for vast customers.

Operation and maintenance system of NetBank mainly includes followings: improve the efficiency of informatization, reduce the risk of informatization, support leading macrodecision-making, improve science management level of informatization, system knowing about requirements and standards of services for users and the users’ behaviors of using service, improve service quality and service perception of IT.

Advantages of Netbank IDC

(一)Good safety

It makes security relationship between different network areas clear and security implementation can be carried out separately for each area, which will not have impact on other areas.

(二)) Good expansibility

It can finish construction according to the functions of different regions and levels. It has flexible business deployment, the area of Server Farm can be increased conveniently while the original network structure can be kept.

(三)Improve availability

It can maximally isolate the fault domain, simplify data path and speed up the convergence time of the fault.


Network structure is clear, daily operation and maintenance becomes simpler and the problem is easy to be located.

(五)High availability solution of Netbank IDC Data Center

With the increasing competition in the market, customers have higher and higher dependency and requirements on information systems. Guaranteeing high availability of data center and providing web service of 7×24 hours has become the primary goal for network creation and the first factor focused on in construction of data center.

There are two main reasons for the network fault:

1、 Uncontrollable factors, such as natural disasters, war, power outages, man-made sabotage etc.Through the construction of production center, local backup center, remote disaster recovery center, namely the mode of "Two Places and Three centers” and good overall planning and design, ensure high availability of data center under the influence of uncontrollable factors.

2、Controllable factors, such as equipment fault, link fault, network congestion, maintenance misoperation, malicious attacks etc.

For NetBank, many factors have been considered in relative product design, and the whole series solutions is provided, including physical equipment, link layer, IP layer, transport layer and application layer so that network availability is improved with all around.

  1. Redundancy in hardware equipment, such as dual master control of equipment, single board hot swap, redundant power supply, redundant fan.

  2. Redundancy in physical link, such as Ethernet link aggregation etc.

  3. Redundant technique, such as ERPS、RRPP and other ring network technology

  4. Redundancy in second layer path, such as MSTP.

  5. Redundancy in third layer path, such as VRRP, ECMP, fast convergence of dynamic routing

  6. Rapid fault detection technology, such as BFD,Track etc.

(七)In addition to high availability of products, Netbank provides complete high availability solutions in the overall design of the data center and the specific solutions can be divided into three kinds.

  1. High availability design of server access.

  2. Server multi-network card access is called as bond technology for short. In order to realize the high availability access, multi-link uplink is usually used in server, namely, two-network or multi-network card access in server and two-network cards or multi-network cards are tied up as a virtual network card by network driver in server. If a network card is invalid, the other one will take charge of its MAC address and two network cards use one IP address and they have to be located in broadcast domain, namely under the same subnet, in this way, the high availability access of server can be realized.

  3. High availability design from access layer to convergence MSTP+VRRP are adopted in access layer and convergence: availability can be improved and load balance of link can be also realized. High availability design of convergence layer and core.

VSS,IRF,CSS,VSU and other exchange virtualization technology are adopted in existing core equipment CISCO H3C in Netbank, Huawei, Red-Giant and juniper to realize high availability and to reduce management costs and effectively enhance bandwidth and security.

Solution of high speed interconnection of public cloud and data center

Public cloud usually refers to the cloud that is provided by the third party for the users and can be used. Public cloud can generally be used by Internet. Service can be provided in the whole open public network. Enterprises provide services directly to external users through their own infrastructure. External users access service through Internet.

NetBank provides the most secure and professional data storage center for public cloud and users do not have to worry about data loss, virus invasion and other troubles .It can also deploy a lot of data centers and redundant system. In this process, it can automatically help users to complete the software and hardware upgrading and data security backup.

High speed interconnection of multiple data center is to connect data centers in different regions through website and presents as a logically unified super cloud data center for cloud computing users so as to achieve the resource integration, pooling and scheduling between data centers.

Compared with single data center space, power shortage and other issues, high speed interconnection of data center has a great advantage: continuous maintenance and business integration of multiple data centers enhance its maintainability; business deployment of data center is more convenient so as to ensure the elastic expansion of business; the data center can achieve cross-regional disaster recovery backup. During business peak time, some parts of the business on the private cloud can be migrated to the public cloud so as to transfer enterprise DC disaster.

Data center network can select: bare optical fiber, leased operator MPLS/IP network, metropolitan bearer network, Internet or self-established WAN etc. Match the corresponding interconnection technology depending on the selected network; for example, scalability and flexibility of self-established WAN or bare optical fiber network is relatively strong and the selection of interconnection technique is wide. It is advised to rent the operator's VPN business (VPLS\MPLS L3VPN\GRE VPN etc.) at the same time for leased operator MPLS/IP network. In addition, there are a variety of ways that can be combined for use. For example, the same-city data center adopts bare optical fiber or self-established WAN. Different places adopt leased operator MPLS/IP network; branches adopts Internet etc.

Private Cloud Solution

Private Cloud of NetBank tends to establish the specialized IT data center for independent customers, so that the safety, service quality of data may be provided with higher guarantee. Secondly, the waste of resources of infrastructure resulted from weakness of traditional business application will be reduced, and the full advantages of improved hardware and software with industrial standards may be taken. At the time of improvement of availability, the cost increase could simultaneously be controlled to the greatest extent. Private Cloud of NetBank may be deployed in the firewall of data center of the enterprise, or a safe server hosting site.

Solution of IDS intrusion detection

When implementing an invasion or an attack, network intruders often take a variety of means of invasion at the same time to ensure the successful probability of invasion. These threats will cause huge losses to the enterprise. For the above threats, traditional firewall and anti-virus system can not effectively detect. In order to make up for the deficiency of the firewall, we need to use intrusion detection technology, real-time monitor network resources and accurately identify all kinds of intrusion attacks to prevent the damage caused by the invasion. When an intrusion or an attack is detected, the loss caused by the invasion is reduced by timely alarm and dynamic protection.

Intrusion detection system of NetBank appears on the market. The system is positioned in the intelligent threat detection, analysis and management. Threat management involves:

  • threat discovery

  • threat display

  • threat analysis,

  • threat treatment

This product has high precision detection capability for viruses, worms, Trojans, DDoS, scan, SQL injection, XSS, buffer overflow, deception hijacking and other attacks, as well as the abuse of network resources and other threats. At the same time, flow module of the product has very accurate and effective discovery ability for abnormal situation of network traffic.

NetBank IDS intrusion detection system is deployed on the edge of network structure (Key exit of data flow). By real-time monitoring network data flow, search for network violations and unauthorized access attempts. When finding the network potential risk or unsafe access behavior, the network monitoring system can respond according to the system security policy including real time alarm, time limited logging in or executing user-defined security policies etc.

Deployment structure chart:

(Attached map)

Main function:

  • Network attack detection The main attack types are TCP Flood , UDP Flood,SYN Flood,DNS Query Flood,IP Spoofing,Fraggle etc. At the same time, customize network events monitoring specific to various TCP/IP protocols in the network through the user defined function in policy editor

  • Detection and spoofing attack A variety of SNA types and the pre-detection attacks in application layer can be well prevented.

  • Application-layer protection Built in professional Web application attack detection engine. Advanced protocol analysis and detection engine is adopted. By optimizing the mechanism , application data can be processed quickly and various attacks can be quickly found.

E-commerce solutions

With the increasing competition of the E-commerce industry, experience of electronic business website has become one of the important factors affecting the purchase decision of consumers. The construction of electronic commerce enterprise website encounters many challenges.


NetBank fully understands the development trend of E-commerce industry and enterprise needs and puts forward the best E-commerce IDC solution "BGP+ Distribution + Transport network" by combining with the leading core technology and rich resource advantage.

NetBank provides BGP solutions to the core database access for the E-commerce. BGP can achieve full network coverage by one-point access so as to ensure high speed access for users of different network operators, which is the best solution for current interconnection. BGP solutions enable the rapid exchange of core business data of E-commerce so as to improve network service quality and enhance user satisfaction.

Specific to the E-commerce network characteristics of large visitor volume, wide user coverage area and high requirements of network bandwidth and performance, NetBank provides distributed solutions. By scientific and targeted deployment, incomplete user area coverage, unbalanced user experience and other issues are accurately resolved. Users can access nearby so as to quickly enhance the user experience in each region. With resource cost advantage of in the sub-cities and scale procurement advantage of NetBank, distributed deployment solution can effectively reduce the total deployment cost of E-commerce IDC and obtain the best network resources with the optimal cost.

NetBank provides transmission network solution between data centers. Transmission network achieves efficient transmission of data and mass data synchronization. Machine room scale and transmission network resources of NetBank can help E-commerce enterprises to quickly deploy disaster recovery center and reduce the cost of data replication and synchronization.

Interconnect Solution between Circum-Taihu Network and BGP

With the rapid development of IT internetwork, the Internet experience and server trusteeship have generally been applied. The optimization of transport network and online experience of user has become the key point of network optimization. The establishment of respective transport network and interflow of small operator of BGP have also become the key point of interflow of network node.

The first choice of NetBank is to establish the Circum-Taihu network in Yangtze River Delta, and small-scale coalition of IDC. For the Structural Drawing of Deployment, NetBank will take ten cities including Hangzhou, Huzhou, Nanjing, Zhenjiang, Changzhou, Wuxi, Suzhou, Shanghai, Jiaxing and Ningbo as the important cities of Circum-Taihu network to realize the interflow of internal transport network of IDC among different cities. This solution will design 16-channel 10G-bandwidth capacity of looped network, with 160G for respective bi-directional network, and under the reduction, 2ms will be increased for each 100KM as the time of average latency. In regards to two-layer network of customers, the line of IDC dual activation and synchronous transmission will be adopted to realize the high efficient transmission, and among small-scale operators, the interconnection of BGP agreement will be put into use. After the interconnection of BGP agreement, all backbone route equipment of network operators will be regarded as the optimum route of IP section of IDC machine room under the judgment to guarantee the high-speed view of different network operators and users.

Solution for website compliance system

NetBank provides the filing service for the customers and the corresponding procedures are as follows:

Firstly, submitting the filing information on the filing website of our company‐http://beian. is needed (register first and obtain the invitation code form filing QQ: 800017123)

After submitting the information on the filing website, the person in charge of website: for the personal filing, domain name certificate and original copy of 2nd-generation ID card shall be taken; for the enterprise filing, the duplicate and original copy of business license, official seal, domain name certificate, ID card copy of legal person and original copy of 2nd-generation ID card shall be taken to take photos and verify in our company, or prepare and send all filing materials to our company.

Mailing address of verification with photographing and filing material:(Received by: filing commissioner. Telephone: 4008835999 )

F20, Internet Financial Mansion, No. 96, Huaxing Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou City, China

Photographing address for customers in Shanghai:Receptionist‐Wang LuTelephone: 021-52124880

Shanghai branch office address: Room 1806, No. 1318, Sichuan North Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai

Material submission needed for filing:                         (Enterprise filing)  

  1. Enterprise: copy of industrial and commercial business license (seal affixed)

  2. 2nd-generation ID card copy of the person in charge of website (seal affixed)

  3. Website filing power of attorney  (seal affixed) (only needed in the case that the website responsible person is not the legal representative) (download as per the material)

  4. ID card copy of legal person (seal affixed)

  5. Domain name certificate (seal affixed)

  6. Letter of commitment for information security (seal affixed) (download as per the material)

  7. Filing registration form for Internet information service (seal affixed) (needed only when the website is joined up) (download as per the material)

  8. Color bareheaded photo of website responsible person with specific background (pixel is 800X600, the photographing date shall be displays in the photo and it does not need to provide if have verified with photographing in our company before) (Photograph with the background fabric that shall be made according to the picture type offered by our company. Download the background fabric as per the material)

  9. 2 copies of real verification form (download as per the material) and the table shall be printed in the A4 paper (need the signature of the website responsible person, seal affixed)

  10. Express fees for sending the materials to the authority for verification needs to be undertaken by the customers.

Note:Double materials from Chongqing, Xinjiang, Hubei, Liaoning, Yunnan and Hunan Provinces are needed For Yunnan and Liaoning Province, the registration form for Internet information is needed and the information security agreement shall need to be sealed by our company Information security agreements from Chongqing, Hubei and Zhejiang Provinces needs to be sealed by our company and print the filing photos to be provided to our company

Note: Filing customer in Jiangxi Province needs to press the handprint in the materials.

  1. Self 2nd-generation ID card copy (need to sign in the copy)

  2. Copy of domain name certificate

Game application solution

With the development of 3G and 4G high speed network and constant creation of intelligent terminal, mobile game has become the gold magnet and many factors cause more and more companies entering into the research and development and operation group of mobile games while many difficulties and challenges appear in the explosive development.

  • Network response of players: the downloading speed is too slow, the bandwidth pressure is huge and the server load is too heavy

  • As the data transmission is frequent, the fast network speed is required and the stability requirement is high

  • Network bottleneck occurs too early and the network expansion caused by the rapidly increase of user’s number cannot be satisfied

  •  Security and reliability of data

  • Explosive increase leads to the insufficient evaluation of service development which cannot perform the redundancy allocation to the network resources, thus directly resulting in the reduction of customers’ experience and indirectly influencing the operation income of games.

  • Gusty download flows with balanced load and redundancy plan


“Four high” demands of mobile games:

  • high stability

  • high-speed network

  • high security

  • high expansibility

NetBank offers IDC solution with optimized whole network structure of “BGP + distributed + transmission network + overseas VPN deployment”

BGP can achieve the whole-network coverage with one point access to guarantee the high-speed visit of different network operators and is the best solution of domestic connectivity which can improve the network service quality and user’s satisfaction.

Distributed solutions can accurately solve incomplete user area coverage, unbalanced user experience and other issues. Users can access nearby so as to quickly enhance the user experience in each region. Problem of downloading resource server clusters can be solved. The total deployment cost of E-commerce IDC can be effectively reduced and the best network resources can be obtained at the optimal cost.

Transmission network achieves efficient data transmission, mass data synchronization. Through the authentication service, the charge service, the database service of the internal transmission channel, the production and disaster recovery dual redundancy network structure is formed so as to further improve security and stability and reduce the cost of data replication and synchronization.

Overseas VPN deployment can achieve the overseas market demand of “domestic deployment and foreign operations”. Overseas user server clusters can be deployed at home, so that the data can be further intensively processed to improve the processing ability of dynamic data and meet a better network experience of overseas players.

Solution for video application

At present, most network video websites at home all adopt centralized management mode. With the increase of users and visitor volume, problems arise frequently:

Broadcasting request increases load of server and will consume a large amount of bandwidth resource and bring about pressure to relieving integrated placement of content. Operator will invest a large number of costs of hardware and bandwidth resource. However, fundamental problems still cannot be solved.

Distribution of users’ group is wide. Network video has high requirements to the entire network transmission link. Present network frame and complexity of internet of China cannot ensure high-quality network service when end-users visit source station.

When excellent video works bring about advertisement effect, at the same time, burst traffic problem caused to the weibsite to be solved urgently.

Network safety problems cannot be ignored. Once video websites are attacked, it will influence access of overall users in centralized management mode. That will decrease service quality for customers and directly influence economic benefit of video websites

Live broadcasting accelerating service of NetBank streaming media is to provide real-time collection video streaming by network by the means of broadcasting mode and issue video streaming to DnionCDN center network by fine link. Center network will distribute in hierarchy to direct stream. Stream of every path will reach to server cluster of stream media in network edge by completed link. Provide stable and reliable living broadcasting service for end-users by server cluster of stream media.

In addition, use audio and video to transcode in technology. Video can be transformed into needed size and format and can be combined with broadcasting end. Corresponding size video can be played in different devices; self-adaption stream media play can be supported; in different network environments, video can be switched into PDTV, SDTV and HDTV according to network situation to ensure fluent watching of users.