First-class data center,high-speed 、stable multi-line provincial backbone network access,7x24 hours online quality service

Data Center:

In 2004, NetBank and Zhejiang Telecom carried out IDC business cooperation and formally entered the date center industry. So far, NetBank has established close and friendly cooperative relationship with Chinese various major operators, and the number of operational cooperative data center has reached 22, while that of operational self-established data center has reached 3. Data centers have extended throughout Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Silicon Valley, and the number of management server has reached 40000+.

Beijing Wangfujing Data Center, Guangdong Zhongshan Data Center, Hangzhou MDC-1 Data Center, Hangzhou MDC-2 Data Center, Hangzhou MDC-3 Data Center, Hangzhou Liuxia Data Center, Hangzhou Desheng Data Center, Hangzhou Binjiang Data Center, Hangzhou Binsheng Data Center, Hangzhou Dongguan Data Center, Hangzhou Xingyi Data Center, Hangzhou Meihualou Data Center, Hangzhou Tongbei Data Center, Ningbo Software Park Data Center, Ningbo Hangzhou Bay Data Center, Ningbo Meixu Data Center, Jiaxing Unicom Data Center, Jiaxing Telecom Data Center, Suzhou Xinhaiyi Data Center, Wuxi Data Center, Silicon Valley Data Center.

NetBank began to set foot in the construction of green data center in 2011. Now, 3 self-established data centers with MDC brand has been built through efforts made --- Century City Data Center, Fudi Data Center and MDC Xiasha Data Center. With distributed energy green data center, the new energy technology is adopted to cut down the operation cost of computer room to a large extent, so that the service cost of enterprise informatization may be reduced in such manner and the energy saving and emission reduction of the whole data center could be promoted.

From the foundation engineering construction and network resource configuration to the primary machine cabinet maintenance, MDC Data Center provides perfect solutions and one-step worry-free services to make customers liberated from complex, confusing and high-cost primary machine maintenance work and help customers to realize the value maximization.

Design planning

  • Accurate air conditioning and refrigeration system

  • The air is supplied under accurate air conditioning, which provides refrigeration to the whole room. The water-spraying device is arranged in the air conditioning outdoor unit to provide fast cooling speed of outdoor unit, so that the electric load of accurate air conditioning may be reduced.

  • Modular UPS with high conversion efficiency

  • USP power supply system adopts bus-mastering control mode, and UPS power primary machine adopts modular intelligent green digital management technology. When the equipment load changes less, the management primary machine will be adjusted automatically according to the electricity load, while non-working modules will automatically sleep.

Machine room equipment

  • machine room with full coverage

Environmental thermal insulation.For the top and ground, the dust-proof and anti-static paint +heat preservation cotton shall be adopted. For the wall surface, the aluminium-plastic panel +combination between heat preservation cotton ornament and insulating layers of the top and ground shall be adopted.

Power supply in machine room

Data center adopts the access of two-channel 10KV commercial power+ power supply mode of diesel-engine generator set. When one-channel commercial power fails, the other commercial power will support the operating load of the whole data center, and the operating time of failure of commercial power shall be within 4 minutes. When the two-channel commercial power fails, the diesel-engine generator set shall be used for automatically generating electricity to support the operating load of the whole data center.

Machine cabinet system

Machine cabinet system shall be installed in accordance with cooling-channel closed design mode, and the cabinet door may be equipped with design of mechanical lock and intelligent lock. For machine cabinet side, the allocation shall be in accordance with separated machine cabinet lock. The power supply of machine cabinet shall adopt intelligent PDU power supply system, and air-conditioning air supply shall adopt heat and cold channel (closed cooling channel) to improve the refrigeration efficiency.

Fire extinguishing system

All server rooms, UPS primary machine room, accumulator room, high-low distribution room adopt seven flourin propane fire extinguishing system configuration, while generator room adopts water-spraying fire extinguishing system configuration.

  • Intelligent energy-saving illuminating system

  • For illuminating, LED illumination with low power consumption and heat production is adopted.

  • Security/monitoring system

  • The channel of data center adopts intelligent door control functions, and accesses to authority zone according to fingerprint + password, card swiping +password, fingerprint card swiping. Video monitoring shall be allocated in accordance with non-blind area, and each cooling channel and corridor shall realize the layout of non-blind area.

Operation management

  • NetBank has developed the customized, complete and mature operation platform used for commerce by virtue of powerful independent research and development capacity, which breaks through the traditional mode of operation and maintenance and creates the new pattern to provide the active remote operation and maintenance services to customers.

Introduction of machine room

  • MDC Xiasha Data Center

    Hangzhou Xiasha MDC data center is invested and constructed by Zhejiang Wangchu Technology Co., Ltd belonging to Hangzhou Netbank Technology Co., Ltd. The project is assessed by Hangzhou Economic and Information Commission with technical approval, The construction standard of the data center is international standard TIA-3 +, GB -50174-2008A class room standard construction.

    About total installed capacity 16000KW / H, 2-way power supply 10KV green line mode, single-line maximum electricity load 8000KW / H, the actual use of every road 4000KW / H (50% capacity) load sharing mode, when the power supply of one way is out of order, another way goes to support the entire data center power supply load. Reserve reallocation 2000KVA diesel generator sets 8 sets of backup power to protect the power, all the way to achieve two-way mains +-owned diesel generator set powered three-way mode.

  • MDC Fudi Data Center

  • Fudi Data Center is the ecological scientific and technological industrial platform which is located in No. 628, Xixi Road, WEST Lack District, Hangzhou --- in the Fudi Innovation Park of Xixigu, next to West Passenger Station of Hangzhou and keeps distance of 12 kilometers away from Hangzhou Railway Station and of 36 kilometers away from Xiaoshan Airport.

    Fudi Data Center has the total construction area with 1045 square meters, and is equipped with machine rooms of UPS, air cooling type accurate air conditioning, natural cooling type fresh air system, container type generating unit. The height of raised floor is 500mm, and the height from smallpox suspended ceiling to raised floor is 2600mm.

    There are 144 cabinets in total in Fudi Data Center for one phase, all of which are 19-inch machine cabinet. The placement of machine cabinet adopts the back-to-back and face-to-face form, so that the air-conditioning air supply may form heating and cooling channel to improve the refrigeration efficiency. The air distribution mode of machine cabinet is to intake air from the front and exhaust air from the back. The wiring of machine cabinet completely adopts upper take-up mode. The power of single machine cabinet is 4.4KW, and the largest expandable power is 10KW.

  • MDC Century City Data Center

Century City Data Center is located in No.3 Construction Road, Qiangjiang New City, Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, which is the green data center jointly established by Hangzhou NetBank Interlink Technology Co., Ltd. and China Telecom with great efforts. The excellent quality resources, international first-class hardware and software infrastructure, unified safety management platform, high-performance operation and maintenance guarantee platform and top informationalized service standard are integrated, and data center, operation and maintenance center, experience center of value-added service and business office center are also combined.

The building area of machine room is 12000 square meters, and machine rooms are in the first and second floor. The total area of raised floor is 1200 square meters. There are 222 machine cabinets in total.

The network configuration of the data center consists of Telecom backbone 2+2 dual routing, Telecom backbone node with more than 10 gigabits of uplink, Gisco 7609 dual redundancy, gigabits switching into server cabinet. In the Data Center, there is all-weather system on-line monitoring platform and traffic monitoring platform for 7*24 hours, which may timely discover abnormal network conditions. Meanwhile, 10 gigabits of DoS firewall may provide the customized individual services to customers.

Bandwidth Access:

  NetBank is directly connected with all backbone networks of operators including Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile, China Warsu, Railcom, Education network, and is interconnected and interworked with various operators of Customer Premise Network to guarantee the demands of network access and transmission quality.

Service item

Service content

Service standard


Deployment of test machine

Provide temporary test machine; deploy the test for customers.

Equipment installation                                        
  and commissioning

Field reception

Machine room is opened for 7×24 hours. Accept the commissioning work of customers in the field.

Shelving and removal of equipment

Perform services on shelving and removal on behalf of customers who are inconvenient to come to the site and complete relevant flows (including recording in data, etc).

Configuration of network interchanger

Complete the configuration of interchanger and provide technical support to customers who are inconvenient to come to the site in accordance with actual demands and customer requirements.

Manufacturing of network cable

According to actual demands (length, crosswire and through line), manufacture network cable.

Network cabling

According to customer demands, provide network planning on internal machine cabinet, network routing services, including the integrated planning and implementation of intranet, extranet, port management, power cable, distributing frame, wire trough, optical jumper, interchanger and server, which shall be clean and tidy in appearance and rich but not crowded. All jumpers and distributing frames shall adopt Cat 5E and have various colors for differentiation.

Binding of ARP

After the corresponding relation between ip and mac is completely and accurately checked, bind the arp on the core equipment.

Configuration of RAID

Perform the configuration of RAID for customer server.

Software download

The company provides the download website (software., so that customer may download various kinds of software.

Commissioning equipment

Provide temporary commissioning computer, display, keyboard and mouse when customer comes to machine room for commissioning.

Common tools

Provide borrowing services on common tools including screwdriver, etc to customer for field commissioning.

Peripheral service

Provide external floppy drive, external CD drive of user and borrowing services of floppy disk/mobile hard disk drive necessary for field installation or commissioning system as well as disk burning services.

Commission maintenance of equipment

Technical consultation

Machine Room Engineer may provide hot-line technical support to customers for 7×24 hours;

Equipment reboot

Timely response to customer demands. No limited frequency for equipment reboot;

Check and elimination of hardware failure

For customers not easily performing the maintenance, professional and skilled engineers may assist customers to check and eliminate hardware failures of server; judge the problems in the shortest time; propose solutions and assist customers to solve the problems.

Hardware replacement and update

Assist the Equipment Factory Engineer of customers to enter the machine room to maintain hardware and perform update work without expenses.                                        
  If the damages of customer hardware are caused by hardware replacement and update services of professional and skilled engineer, the company is responsible for the compensation for customer damaged accessories.

Valet commissioning

According to the authorization of customer, Engineer performs operations of local terminal of server and equipment commissioning with orders provided by customer through phone.

Equipment replacement and removal

Under the precondition of authorization of customer and the condition where the user visit is not impacted, guarantee to complete the exchange of IP address, support moving of server, exchange of sever accessories and sever systems as well as other work.

Service of spare parts

Provide the separated spare parts case for key configuration, so that customers may store spare parts and other items, and the operations on hardware replacement shall be made as per customer requirements. After each operation, analyze the condition of spare parts, and monthly issue the replacement record, damaged part record and complete spare parts list in that month (provided by Century City Machine Room).

Service of spare machine

According to customer demands, provide spare severs (1CPU/2G internal storage/80G hard disk) with equivalent level to DELL 1950/2950 (or HP360/380) to be as temporary spare machine and to be used for urgent switching at the first time after occurrence of server failure. For OS, the windows or linux may be selected.

Commission maintenance of system

Technical consultation

Machine Room Engineer may provide hot-line technical support to customers for 7×24 hours.

Operating system installation and setting

Under the precondition of authorization of customer, install and set the specified system in accordance with requirements of customer.

System update

According to the authorization of customer, enter the operating system to make the patch on on-line update to customers.

 IP setting

According to the authorization of customer, enter the system to make up IP address to customers.

Software installation

Provide and install the specified software of customers. After completion of installation, the configuration shall be made in accordance to customer demands (the copyright is reserved by customers).

Commission installation of database

Because the SQL server2000 database must be installed under the disconnection of cable, and could not perform the remote installation, the database software may be installed on behalf of customers according to the authorization of customers.

Double wire test

For the target address provided by customers, different exports of operators of machine room are used for performing Ping test and routing tracking test for once.

Update of virus reservoir

According to the authorization of customer, enter the system to perform online update for antivirus software of customers.

Optimization and configuration

According to customer problems, the existing system shall be checked comprehensively and carefully, and the reasonable configuration scheme may be proposed. In addition, the configuration shall be optimized as per customer requirements.

Monitoring and analysis

Network monitoring

Network monitoring for 7X24 hours

Interface traffic monitoring

MRTG traffic monitoring software collects the traffic information at real time based on the router and switch port, the statistics may be updated once for every 5 minutes. Through the customer service center, check the site’s traffic status at any time with friendly interface and easy for use.

Equipment status monitoring

According to the requirements of customers, the server hardware status is regularly checked (for weekly). If any problems are found, immediately inform customers (through message) and assist customers to carry out troubleshooting. The routing inspection shall be in accordance with status indicator lamp outside server. The external cleaning service shall be performed as time of each routing inspection to guarantee the normal running of server.

Interface traffic analysis

Provide the traffic chart. According to characteristics of customer application, the specialist of NetBank will provide constructive suggestions and advises to ensure that the use ratio of bandwidth resources may be the optimal.

Server resource monitoring

MRTG traffic monitoring software collects the traffic information at real time based on the router and switch port, the statistics may be updated once for every 5 minutes. Customers will obtain dedicated user name and password, and check the status of their servers through the browser, such as such as CPU usage, memory usage, hard disk space, online number, etc.

Traffic analysis report

Analyze the traffic analysis including page view of website, etc.


 CDN acceleration

Cache server with high performance shall be deployed in the front end of server with higher visits, and access load of most part of server can be shared by the deployed high-speed cache server with the using of CDN acceleration system, especially the peak flowing of access. The access request of the user does not need to directly reach to the original server. When reducing the server and the load of firewall at the same time, accelerate the processing speed of access request by a large margin. (The server used for buffering shall be provided by the user)

Domain name resolution service

DNSNG that is researched and developed independently by NetBank can make different address orientations for accessed resource of the customer to accelerate access speed.

Data synchronism

Provide kilomega Intranet environment for the user to make real-time or regular synchronization to data of database or file data between its own servers and provide the guarantee for the accuracy and efficiency of access of the user according to the demand of the customer.

Load balancing

It can be done with the application of DNSNG based on the load balancing of domain name.

Safety reinforcing and protection

Virus protection

Provide the virus detection and cleaning service to monitor the system to make it away from various virus sources. Provide anti-virus strategy, install and maintain anti-virus software and update virus reservoir (The customer takes charge of the copyright)


Provide customized firewall service for the customer, repair and reinforce the system and make security configuration and optimization according to safety strategy and provide detailed operation report, costs analysis and emergency recovery measure report.

Vulnerability scanning and safety assessment

Including user safety, operating system security, network service security, system program; make comprehensive scanning and analysis for safety defects inside the system and provide analysis report. Recommend to be performed per month.

System safety and monitoring management

Monitor all attacking and abusing behaviors of input and output traffic for the user through network-level security monitoring and control software, perform telephone alarm to the user after the confirmation and make basic safety disposal to achieve automatically cut-off and alarm by Email. Suggest the user start up emergency response service for serious intrusion event. Provide summary report of safety event every month.

Network safety and monitoring

The measures of detection of security vulnerability and repairing after being hacked of various software under windows, the cleaning of back door of wooden trojan horse, the installation of antirust software and firewall

Safety detection of the system

Provide situation analysis of information system security vulnerability for the user in the first time and make assessment for the security performance of the system; if the vulnerability that can be used by hacker is found, they shall point out possible attacks to the system and propose corresponding repairing solution to improve risk control level of information network; 

Data backup and recovery

Local backup

Make backup strategy for the customer, provide daily backup, weekly backup, monthly backup and yearly backup according to the demand of the customer and make incremental backup strategy according to the actual situation of the customer

Remote backup

Backup customer’s data into the tape for remote backup and the customer exclusively holds the tape. Make fully backup data per month.

Urgent data recovery

When unexpected incidents happen for user’s data and the data in special backup space cannot be used for recovering data, the backup tape with specific date can be designated to recover the data to the server.

Local disk storage

Provide part of space of disk array for the customer to use. This disk array supports the access mode with various files. The service fee shall be paid according to time and capacity of using.

Dual system

Provide and carry out NLB plan based on WINDOWS, LVS plan under LIUNX, RAC plan in ORACLE database and STANDBY plan and so on.

Other services

Equipment hosting

For the customer with special requirement, its equipment can be kept in stockroom of machine room temporarily.

Collection of equipmen

The equipment purchased by the customer can be directly sent to machine and the Machine Room Engineer can make an inventory instead of the customer

Collection of express items

The accessory required by the customer can be directly delivered to the machine room by express and the Machine Room Engineer can collect it instead of the customer.

Reserve the car

Reserve return taxi for the customer for site commissioning

Reserve the hotel

Assist in reserving the hotel room in advance according to the requirement of the customer when the foreign customer comes to the machine room to do site commissioning.