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Zheshang Securities


Zheshang Securities Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive securities company established in May 9, 2002 by the approval of CSRC. Its headquarters is located in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, and its registered capital is 3 billion Yuan.

The company's main businesses include securities brokerage, investment banking, asset management, financial advisers, investment consulting, self run securities, futures business, direct investment, margin financing and others. Among them, asset management, investment banking, securities brokerage, futures brokerage and others have been among the forefront of the industry.

The company has more than 100 branches throughout the country, covering three major economic areas of China - the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Circum-Bohai Sea Region, having laid the cornerstone of a comprehensive investment and financing services in 21 most economically active provinces of the country and forming a national wealth management network layout.

Qiniu Cloud

Cloud Storage

Qiniu was founded in 2011, committed to provide the most suitable services for the development of the data online hosting, transfer acceleration and cloud processing and etc. Different from other cloud storage at home and abroad, Qiniu developed the fully distributed architecture by itself to solve the risk that may exist in single data center architecture of other cloud storage; at the same time, it first achieved the characteristics of bidirectional acceleration for speeding up data upload and download, enhancing the data access speed for more than 50% compared to the traditional program. In addition, Qiniu Cloud storage’s unique function, such as image storage, direct client end biography, breakpoint upload, cloud rich media processing and etc., also greatly enhanced the development efficiency, reducing the server resources waste to the maximum extent.

Currently, Qiniu has provided a full range of solutions and services to a large number of well-known enterprises in the fields of mobile internet, Web 2.0, media, E-commerce and game and etc. Up to January 2016, Qiniu had the valuation of more than $ 1 billion


Moblie Internet

Didi Taxi is the largest transportation platform of China

At present, Didi has grown from the taxi hailing application to a one-stop travel services platform including the business of taxi, special car, express, hitch, designated driving, and coach and etc.

Up to April 2016, Didi has the valuation of more than $25 billion.

Youku Tudou Network

Vedio Web

Youku Tudou Co., Ltd. is one of the leading enterprises in China's online video industry, focusing on video domain; the company owns the video website such as Youku and Tudou, ranking the first and the second in China.

Youku Tudou Co., Ltd. has the advantage of a huge user base, a diversified content resources and a strong technical platform. Its monthly user scale has exceeded 400 million, which means that 1/3 Chinese people have been users of Youku Tudou.

Shengda Game


Shengda Game is China's leading online game developer, operator and distributor, committed to build China and even the world's leading online game platform; it has won the heavyweight industry awards such as Golden Plume Awards and Golden Phoenix Award and etc. for many continuous years.

In April 2015, Shanda Company and Capitaland Group and its affiliated companies reached a final private trading agreement of $1.9 billion.

Meitu Xiuxiu

Moblie Internet

Meitu Xiuxiu is a type of free image processing software developed and launched by Meitu Network. In January 2015, the mobile-end users of Meitu Xiuxiu are more than 100 million, with the daily users of 5.6 million.

Meitu, the founding company of Meitu Xiuxiu, was established in October 2008, creating Meitu Xiuxiu, Meiyan Camera, Meitu Phone, Meipai, Meizhuang Camera, Chaozipai and a series of software and hardware products around “beauty”. It not only enables the users to easily realize the image beautification, but also make the culture of self-shooting popular.

In February 2015, Meitu Company had the valuation of more than $ 2 billion.


Moblie Internet

Changba is a free social networking application of mobile phone karaoke. This application has built-in reverberation and echo effects, which can modify your sound. The application not only provides accompaniment, but also provides the corresponding lyrics of the accompaniment; in addition, it has funny intelligent scoring system, the scores coming from which could be shared with friends and have a competition with them.

In February 18, 2014, Changba won the 2013 Sina Science and Technology Billboard - Social Entertainment Application Award of Annual Venture Company.

In 2015, the Changba users exceeded 0.3 billion; at the same year, the company had the valuation of more than $ 4 billion.

Transfar Logistics


Transfar Logistics is a leading domestic highway logistics industry platform operator, committed to build “intelligent highway logistics network operating system of China”, through the interconnection system of “Internet logistics platform network” and “highway port sharing platform network”, solving the weakness of Chinese highway logistics systemically, improving highway logistics efficiency and reducing highway logistics cost, building the new ecosystem of Chinese highway logistics with the characteristics of “logistics + Internet + financial services”.

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