First-class data center,high-speed 、stable multi-line provincial backbone network access,7x24 hours online quality service

NetBank: machine room of Wuxi International Data Center is put into formal use and reserved intensely at present.



Wuxi International Data Center, located in core area of Taihu New City, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, is the highest level of data center of China Telecom in Jiangsu. NetBank begins to be settled as the main IDC service provider.

Hosting area of NetBank in Wuxi International Data Center is up to over 1,000m2, and is equipped with the machine rooms, such as UPS, air-cool type precision air conditioning, natural cooling type and container-type generator set and etc.

Multilink network: access bandwidth is: backbone network of China Telecom, China Unicom and the backbone network of each operator are adopted with interconnection way of load balancing of multi-channel, which guarantees network bandwidth quality at the extreme and avoids the influence of single point of failure of operator at the same time.

 Access of electric supply: power supply of NetBank in Wuxi International Data Center is accessed by 1600KVA*2 double-circuit electric supply; in the Phase I, it is equipped with 4 sets of KVA UPS unit (2+1), and outdoor high-capacity diesel generator set: 2000KVA×7+1 set and 250m2 oil deposit and the oil storage is for 48-hour using. It is adopted with natural cooling-type precision air conditioning, modular UPS power supply, LED intelligent lighting and new generation cold-channel system and etc.


UPS power supply system: (n+1) redundancy is equipped for floor 4 according to Tier3+ standard, and 3 sets of 400KVA UPS (2+1) are equipped for each floor; the power of all floors are supplied independently by double-circuit UPS, which can constantly supply power for over 30 minutes with full load; when there is failure for one-circuit UPS, another circuit can continue providing electric power supply to ensure that the equipment cannot stop operating for outage.


Cabinet and ventilation system: there are over 100 common cabinets and VIP cabinets in Wuxi International Data Center. Cabinet is adopted with “face to face and back to back” arrangement so as to form cold and hot channel with inlet air in the front and air-out in the back, and the way of hot air of rack and air-out in the back. Air distribution of equipment room with high power consumption is adopted with underfloor air supply and cool channel separation.


 IG551 standard gas fire-extinguishing system: the machine room is adopted with smoke detector and temperature detector automatic fire alarm system and perfect IG541 standard gas-fire-extinguishing system, and it is triggered within 30 seconds after system alarm and covers all machine rooms within 10 seconds and makes the all IDC machine room be full of fire-extinguishing gas within 5 minutes, including UPS room. Generator room is equipped with low-expansion foam automatic fire protection system

The machine room of NetBank in Wuxi International Data Center has been completed; welcome call NetBank 24-hour telephone hotline at any time: 400-8835-999