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Create World Talk丨 He Hongzhong of NetBank wants to be business in Internet



In Create World Talk, most people are engaged in Internet industry; indeed, nowadays is the age of mobile Internet. As for Internet start-up, it is different from traditional industry and high technology and asset-light is their tag in the impression of people, However, the maker whose we will know is quite special, what he did is more like the industry in Internet

He is He Hongzhong, the founder and Chairman of Hangzhou Netbank Interlink Technologies co., ltd and the founder of Internet financial center. He started from scratch, has focused on the IDC Internet data center industry and serves extensive Internet companies since 2004.

In 2015, NetBank Technology became top 50 of Hurun Zhajiang New Wealth and was listed in National Equities Exchange and Quotations at the end of December in the same year. He Hongzhou’s concept is to provide more personalized services for the enterprises and take part in their growth. Because in face of many fledgling entrepreneurs, he shows empathy; in the summer of 2004, his NetBank Technology was also started from two partners, 70,000 yuan initial founding and a rented cabinet! At that time, he was an entrepreneur who broke the caldrons and sinks the boats and his first consumer was also a legendary entrepreneur.


It seems to many people that He Hongzhong’s original entrepreneurial dream is very small but practical undoubtedly. There is old Chinese saying “start in poorest situation and succeed in Huzhi”. It is because of He Zhonghong’s practicability and adherence that the business of NetBank Technology rises steadily, and a seeming coincidental chance is ushered at the end of 2010! He has his own first Network data center accordingly.


Opportunities are always for those who are prepared, it is because of He Hongzhong’s concentration that he has enough professional team and the appearance of investors also make the NetBank Technology rise abruptly based on its accumulated strength and each data center is established constantly one after another, and the using of E-bank flagship class data center in 2013—the use of Xiasha machine room has been the sign of milestone.