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Demystify why Tongzhanggui has a passion for 001, and how Xiongge obtains 230,000 fans within a half of month



Jin Shaoce

Lonely with nine knives of brand communication


He has 11-year experience as media reporter in Zhejiang Daily, and served as editor and planner of Zhejiang Businessman magazine and participated in print medium report of finance project for many years; this is our guest today- Jin Shaoce, and who holds the office of united person in charge and Chief Information Officer of Tongzhanggui

Eclectic and brand new Internet thought is preserving power for brand communication. Compared with other traditional enterprises with Internet finance, Jin Shaoce team makes cross-border e-commerce financial service when creating Tongzhanggui. Domestic market becomes saturated gradually and coupled with the energetic support of the state for cross-border e-commerce in recent years, so that they firmly fired the first shoot of cross-border e-commerce finance.

In brand communication, they pay more attention on media public relations and video marketing. After moving to Dream Town, Tongzhanggui attracts more and more attention. Senior leader in Hangzhou City and chief editor of Xinhua News Agency have also been to Manager Jin’s enterprise. Inadvertently, we talk a very interesting activity with Jin Shaoce—Daddy Long Legs.

Daddy Long Legs is a Korean film originally, which describes that a orphan who has no relatives since childhood, but a handsome uncle helped her all the time, and this little girl kindly called him “daddy long legs” because she didn’t know his name. When she grew up, this little girl helped many people like daddy long legs. Acting daddy long legs to make the world be full of love, which is insistent public benefit of Tongzhanggui all the time.


Brand communication permeates in all aspects, if the performance is the rigid matrix of the enterprise, then the brand is the real spirit of a enterprise. Differential operation and eclectic Internet thought often play unexpected effect in brand communication of the company.



Xionggefan er

How 230,000 fans are “cheated” by Xionggefan er within a half of month


The introduction of flow means that there are continual users to follow. Featured with micro-video to make the audience participate in the design of scenario, this is proposed by Lai Huijie, the co-founder of Xionggefan er. Rising of instant online celebrity’s time means that more and more starts of grass roots are known by us- which also includes the leading actor of micro-video, Xiongge at present.


Operation is based on three stages, which includes primary accumulation of users, explosive growth and smooth and steady development stage; by this time, the WeChat public platform of Xionggefan er has been transited to the second stage. The goal of achievement of the 230,000 subscribers within a half of year not only needs the effort on the content, what’s more, the joint and integrated cooperation of resource shall be completed.<

Before Xionggefan er entering the WeChat public number, Xiongge himself has obtained a multitude of loyal fans by the way of photographing and directing by himself and recreating by himself, and Xiongge often interacts with the fan, which also reduces

Fans are not equal to the value. Some small games may attract a group of fans in short time, but for long term, this kind of development is not good. Good original content and the output of continual value can more increase stickiness of our fans using in our platform. When the platform is developed to the late period, the first value is the function and content, and you need to know the location and existed value of your platform.