First-class data center,high-speed 、stable multi-line provincial backbone network access,7x24 hours online quality service

As a professional neutral IDC service provider, , NETBANK has operated 22 carrier-class data center successfully,rely on major operators unique network resources,establishing a strategic partnership and business cooperation with China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile, China Railcom,CERNET,HUASHU.These infrastructures consist of high-quality data centers and large data transmission network ,composed of tens of thousands the number of managed servers.

Hangzhou Netbank Interlink Technologies Inc. is established in 2004, we are committed to providing high-quality network infrastructure services and value added services for enterprises and institutions.

In terms of outreach, the company ,based on local small and medium enterprises, provides customers with personalized, comprehensive hosting and value-added IT services.The market share aboutIts IDC businessin Zhejiang Province is over 60%, becoming the largest in Zhejiang Province neutral IDC service company.

Since 2012, companies look to open up the national market, setting up branch officesin Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Jiangsu , and its business network is formed from south to north, rapidly enhancing business growth outside the province. At present, the company's new business comes from outside the province at a rate of more than 70 percent, and gradually create a more diversified and sustainable business structure.

We always adhere to the service concept“spare no effort for your entrust“, and constantly improve the comprehensive service capabilities. carrier-class standard data center, high speed and stable multi-line access bandwidth, rapid strong technical support, security and stability safeguards, 7 ×24 ×365 full-time online services, NETBANK will live up to your expectations!

With the development of the Internet and the rapid increase in customer demand for personalized, NETBANK has an increased investment in independent data center construction besides the continued development of traditional IDC business . Actively trying new energy technologies to slash operational costs and thereby reduce the cost of enterprise information servicesthrough distributing energy green data center, promoting energy conservation across the data center.


logged in New Three Board

entered in Jiangsu by cooperating with Telecom

ascended to the top 50 enterprises of new power in Hurun Wealth

finished joint-stock system reform

awarded as Gazelle Enterprise of Hangzhou City in 2014

gained IDC National Certificate of NetBank

realized BGP interconnection of Unicom and Mobile

launched acceleration business of CDN and private cloud business

launched the second phase of Fudi Data Centre

finished advance sale of Century City Data Centre

awarded as the Best IDC Service Provider Awards of NetBank in 2013

founded Beijing Branch of NetBank

MDC Xiasha Data Centre of NetBank started

NetBank cooperated with Yiwu Telecom to create MDC Yiwu Data Centre

Ningbo and Hangzhou Bay Data Centre of NetBank started to use

MDC Xiasha Data Centre of NetBank started operating

MDC Fudi Data Centre of NetBank started operating

NetBank established MDC Data Centre Brand, and opened new era of data centre brand

NetBank gained awarding from Council Member of Cloud Computing Association in Hangzhou City

founded Shanghai Branch of NetBank

serving product LinkCloud for infrastructure of cloud computing researched and developed independently went to on line

serving product LinkCloud for infrastructure of cloud computing researched and developed independently went to on line

as first data center established by NetBank itself, Century City Data Centre (II) started operating

became Council Member of Cloud Computing Association in Hangzhou City

entered in core IDC machine room of Zhejiang Unicom, and established business cooperation of Cloud Computing with Zhejiang Unicom

allied with Ningbo Telecom, Ningbo Unicom and launched IDC business of double lines in Zhejiang area

allied with Wenzhou Telecom

merged IDC business of Wangyue

became cooperative partner of Huzhou Unicom IDC business

reconstructed with Lanyue, and operated machine room at Meihua Building of Xiaoshan Telecom and machine room at Tongbei of Xiaoshan Unicom, and became the biggest IDC service provider in Zhejiang area

cooperated with Jiaxing Telecom, and entered in IDC machine room of Jiaxing Telecom

became partner of Hangzhou Telecom for IDC business and core agent, and comprehensively entered in every machine room of Hangzhou Telecom

Hangzhou NetBank Interlink Technology Co., Ltd. hung out its shingle and was founded

About company

Xiasha MDC data center

Join us:

Are you still worrying about unfinished business and your further and further dream?

Are you still sorrowing for lack of training and unimproved ability?

Are you still crazy for no attention paid by your leader and the slim opportunity for advancement?

Are you still complaining about unattractive welfare and feeling sadder in festival?

Are you envying the humanistic care in large enterprise and feeling helpless for the fierce competition?

In fact, there is an opportunity to solve all troubles for you around you: Join NetBank.


Who we are:

We do not crow about industry experience of ten years;

We do not stop 20 data centers in province;

We are not satisfied with more than a hundred million business volume created every year;

And are not willing to accept the title of No. 1 in East China;

We are witness of the development of IDC industry;

We are practitioners of innovative business mode;

We are the leader in the field of data center;

We are the creators of history!


Our products:

Top operation and maintenance of IDC machine room, server hosting and relative value-added services


Our advantages

Professional youth team and value conception system in NetBank with partners to grow up

With the source support of major operators

Professional and perfect customer service system

Ten years of experience in IDC induatry


Our honor:

The best server provider of IDC in 2013

Executive Director Unit of China Cloud Computing Alliance

Hangzhou Advanced Unit of Internet Security Management

Hangzhou High and New Technology Enterprises


Our future:

Our future:In the field of data center, we provide the best service for customers, create the maximum return for shareholders, provide the best development platform for employees and create value for society.

Prospect:Become customized solutions expert of data center service and the preferred partner of customer responsibility development.

Values:Integrity, cooperation, innovation, leadership are the core in magic cube culture.

Our teams:Youth, opening, integrity, execution, innovation

The characters we seek:Independent thinking, persist in the end Have innovative and open mind Have a great ambition Keep promise